Judges Critiques



Bull Terrier Club Of Victoria 2012 Specialty Judge- Mr Phil Brodeur US

Junior Bitch 1st- Delphinus Sheza Beauty She had me the moment she walked in the ring! An absolutely beautiful white girl combining power with femininity. She has a glorious head with turn, fill, width and length. Great expression.Mouth not perfect. Great bone and good spring of rib..Slightly upright in shoulder. Nice short back and good rear. She moved with purpose all ways. A girl who can compete anywhere in the world and it was a pleasure to take her from, Best Bitch to Best In Show.!


NSW Northern Districts Bull Terrier Club Show Specialty Judge-Stephen Walker UK

Junior Bitch 1st- Delphinus Sheza Beauty Powerful white with ear markings. Well made throughout but could be a touch shorter. Quality head with power, eye and ear give good expression, good bone and another with excellent feet. She has good movement and carries herself really well.


 Australian Capital Territory Bull Terrier Club Show Linda Flegg Specialty Judge NZ Vortex Bull Terriers

Class 5a, 1 Delphinus Sheza Beauty— Best In Show, Intermediate In Show, Best of Breed, Challenge Bitch— When you see this girl on the move she certainly takes your eye. Front on she has a wonderfully filled up head and wicked expression. I particularly like her eye placement. She has the most sweeping profile and good turn. Straight front with good bone, elbows set well under her and nice feet. Her neck flows beautifully into a level topline and short back. Deep brisket and good spring of rib,short loin and very strong rear end. Excellent second thigh, good muscle tone, and bend of stifle. Another lovely croup and tail set. I would be proud to have bred such a lovely bitch.

Australian Capital Territory Bull Terrier Club Show Specialty Judge Heidi Holland Boromir NZ

1st Delphinus Sheza Beauty (Delphinus Big Daddy Cool/Delphinus Talia) - Reserve bitch—Quality, powerful white bitch with ear marking. Good bone and substance. This girl has a strong head all around, it is well turned and finished and has depth of muzzle. Front on it is filled up and has good width across the muzzle,wicked expression with dark eyes. Ears a little large, slight mouth fault. She is angulated very nicely both ends and moves accordingly well, particularly in the rear. Her chest is deep and wide and front is straight, short back, correct tail set and in very hard, muscled condition. She combines power and size with femininity a top quality bitch.